Yesterday’s EPL action brought up several interesting topics. First of which was the John Terry and Wayne Bridge saga that has been hogging the headlines for the past week. Will the betrayed Bridge shake the hand of the betrayer Terry. And as you can see from the gif above, the answer was no. Bridge simply couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Just to add abit more on this saga. Wayne Bridge announces his retirement from England duty during the week and this was what he said, ”It has always been an honour to play for England. However, after careful thought I believe my position in the squad is now untenable and potentially divisive. Sadly therefore, I feel for the sake of the team and in order to avoid what will be inevitable distractions, I have decided not to put myself forward for selection”

I personally feel that Bridge is being made to made for more than what he deserved in this entire episode. If there is anyone who should retire, it should have been John Terry. Its a disgrace really at how John Terry is being backed by the staffs and fans at Chelsea. John Terry was the cause of this entire mess and he should stand up and say that he will leave the team instead of Bridge who did nothing wrong. Where’s the logic in that sense? But of course England can afford to lose Bridge and not Terry. With Rio Ferdinard struggling with his back problems and Matthew Upson having a difficult second half of the season with West Ham, England needs Terry more than ever if they are going to life the World Cup this June. Understandably, with the loss of Ashley Cole, Bridge became more important to the team but is he irreplaceable? I don’t think so. Both Leighton Baines and Stephen Warnock are having an impressive season and both deserved a shot to go the World Cup. Kieran Gibbs would have been worth a shout but he too is injured for the season. So my sympathy to Wayne Bridge, who have been made to pay for someone’s else misdeamenour. \

Anyway, Chelsea was soundly beaten by City in last night game. Man City did their neighbour a big favour with that 4-2 victory and as a Man Utd fan, i can hardly complain.

I am sorry for the above picture if is has caused anyone of you any discomfort after seeing it. But that is Aaron Ramsey lying on the ground with a fractured leg after being involve in a bad challenge by Ryan Shawcross which of course resulted in the defender being a shown a first ever red card in his young career. And of course being Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, cue all the ridiculous statements.

Arsene Wenger:
”I’m proud of our game because it was an unbelievable battle from the first minute. We needed to be tough and resilient to win. I’m very proud and of course very sad because of what happened. We know it’s a bad injury. We have to transfer him to London tonight to see if he needs emergency surgery. We don’t know how long he will be out but it’s certainly long term. I’m not very happy with the tackle. We know what we are expecting, a battle everywhere, but we have now lost three players on horrendous tackles and I refuse to believe it’s always coincidence. I don’t believe it when you are hit as many times as we are. I just believe in what I see and when you see a player getting injured like that it’s not acceptable. Commitment is right, but that is not right. All the questions I get in press conferences about we don’t fancy the physical side of it, that’s the result.”
“To be kicked out of the game, it is beyond words. We have lost three players, Diaby, Eduardo and Ramsey today to horrendous tackles. It is always ‘coincidence’ and I don’t believe in coincidence. When you see a player of that quality getting injured in the way he did, it’s not acceptable. That is not what I like in the game. I refuse to live with that. Spare me the articles about how nice Shawcross is, please.”

Cesc Fabregas
”In five years I’ve seen three of them, Abou [Diaby], Eduardo and now Aaron. What can I say. It’s difficult. You could say we are not protected enough. We are sometimes victims. I’m not complaining, football is like that. There are things that are a little too much but three times in five years is a little bit too much.”

Not surprising at all these comments considering they came out from Arsene Wenger. The man who could only see the wrongs of the other teams and not his own. If you look at his quote, you would think that he is saying there is a conspiracy theory among the teams to go out and injured his players. Come on now, if you had looked at the reply of Shawcross tackle on Ramsey, you would seen that that Shawcross went in with no malicious intent at all, his studs was not showing and his leg was not lifted on the ground when he went in for the tackle. It was just that Ramsey was too fast for him and as a result, he was caught in a bad tackle. But did Shawcrosee intend to injure him? Of course not. You can see how distraught Shawcross was when he was coming off the field, he was in tears in fact! If i had intend to go in and injure a player, would i have come off the field crying? I doubt so. And add to that, it was the first red card of Shawcross’s career. His manager has also come out and say that Shawcross is not a dirty player which i believe so.

Of course im not here to defend the tackle. It was horrendous and Shawcross deserve his red card. But my point here is to Arsene Wenger. No one is going out to injure your players. All of these, as oppose to what you said, are all coincidences. We really should recommend an optician to Wenger. I think his eyesight is really failing him. He really thinks that people in England are trying their best to prevent them from winning the league but seriously, he should look at the state of his team before saying this kind of stupid comments. My disgust for Arsene Wenger is growing with each and every comments he made. His team played some beautiful football. But the words coming out of his mouth simply spoil its all.

I hope Ramsey made a speedy recovery from this injury and hopefully come back as the player he is and fulfill the potential that he has in him.

EPL Weekend

February 8, 2010

The Barclay’s English Premier League weekend saw 2 high profile games in the merseyside derby as well as the top 4 clash between Chelsea and Arsenal.

In the merseyside derby saw Dirk Kuyt scoring the solitary goal in what was a highly charged contest with 2 red cards. Sotirios Kyrgiakos saw red for going in with a 2 footed challenge on Marouane Fellaini. Not that Fellaini was without fault as well as he too went in 2 footed on Kyrgiakos but the referee saw fit to give the red to the Greek international instead as Fellaini came out the worse of the 2 in the challenge. The entire game saw plenty of tackles flying in and it was a miracle that the second red card only came in the dying minutes of the game when Steven Pienaar was sent off for a second bookable offence. Which is why i feel the referee, Martin Atkinson had quite a poor game. Throughout the entire game, he was falling for Liverpool players’ diving antics and awarding free kicks to them.

Kuyt scored the winnier via a Steven Gerrard’s corner but the blame has to go to Tim Howard. The ease at which Kyut brushed him aside before nodding in the goal was definitely his fault. This fault sure characterised why he failed to make it at Manchester United. However good a goalkeeper is at shot stopping, if he cannot command his area and the aerial balls, he will never be a top class goalkeeper which i guess is the main reasons why he was allowed to leave United. So with this win, Liverpool are back in the hunt for fourth place but with Spurs, Villa and especially Man City breathing down their necks, they will have to keep this run going if they are to qualify for the Champions League next season.

Did not manage to catch the Chelsea Arsenal game as it was a late kickoff and i had to work today. But from what i read and heard, both teams were of a even match to each other but Chelsea was the one that manage to finish their chances. 2 goals from Didier Drogba who seems to have pick up where he left off when he left for the African Cup of Nations. With this win, Chelsea regained their lead at the top of the table, leading Manchester United by 2 points. This title is getting more and more interesting it seems.

What about my beloved Red Devils. They definitely had no problems whatsoever and commemorated the anniversary of the Munich Disaster with a thumping of Portsmouth at Old Trafford. 5-0 the final score and out of the 5 goals, 3 were scored by Portsmouth. Comical you would say but thats hardly a wrong term to associate with Portsmouth nowadays. Mr Wayne Rooney scored his 21st league goal this goal and who’s betting against him getting 30 with the form he is in now. Seriously, i hoped for Man Utd sake and England, he can keep himself fit for the rest of the season.

There’s a round of midweek fixtures for the Premier League this week and some interesting clashes includes, United visiting Villa Park hoping to avenge the early season defeat and Arsenal entertaining Liverpool at the Emirates hoping to get their season back on track after consecutive losses to Man Utd and Chelsea.

That’s it for today folks.